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Caledonia Drone Services in a new start Company in the aftermath of the Oil Indrustry collapse. We are recognised by the CAA for operating Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) and Small Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft (SUSA) within CAA regulations governed in law by Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) 393 - Air Navigation: The Order and Regulatioons and CAP 722 - Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operatons in UK Airspace - Guidance. A member of the Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems and we carry £2,000,000 of public liability insurance in order to operate on a commercial basis.

The aim of the company is to provide high quality video in 4k broadcast quality and still photography over a range of activities.



The Typhoon H Professional with RealsenseTM Detects obstacles and intelligently navigates around them, integrating with Follow Me mode to avoid objects while filming in any direction. The RealSenseTM R200 camera with Intel® AtomTM powered module builds a 3D model of the world, allowing the operator to focus on the subjects without worrying about flying into obstacles. With arms that fold in to save space, the Typhoon H is built to be taken wherever you need to go. The technology helps to achieve a commitment to provide continual ultra smooth, stable imagery every time.



The Phantom 4 has been enquipped with forword "sense and avoid" obtracle sensors which enable the Phantom to sense and then react to its enviroment. By combining this feature with the Tapfly navigation system, the flying camera is at the cutitng edge of technology. The obstacle avoidance system also works with the Return to Home feature which prevents the UAV colliding with obstacles when returning to the launch point.

With sense and aovid sensors, the Phantom 4 is also capable of visual tracking through its AcitveTrack system. It can lock onto the subject matter and track them as they move enabling the sports allowing the Phantom's onboard camera to create impressive and exciting footage.

Gordon Blakemore

The company is operated by Gordon Blakemore who has had an interest in model aircraft and photography for over 40 years, and has been flying model helicopters since 1981. Four years ago the development of drones enabled the two interests to be combined as the stability of a drone in a hover provides an idea camera platform.

The next step was to obtain a formal Civil Aviation Authority qualification to operate drones on a commercial basis. This was obtained as CAA Permissions for Air Work (PfAW) - 2329.

Gordon is also an examiner for the Scottish Aeromodeller's Association (SAA) Certificate of Competence for Multi-Rotor Aircraft.

Multi Rotor Examiner Certification

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